TaijiBlue® PVC-O pipes are a product developed exclusively with the Baosu® innovative technology that provides the molecular orientation process.

Taiji is an ancient and smart Chinese philosophy. Chinese believe that Taiji is the origin of all lives on Earth. Taiji represents the harmonious state of balance between yin and yang, hardness and softness. The unique properties combining strength and toughness of TaijiBlue® PVC-O Pipe are similar to Chinese Taiji.

TaijiBlue® PVC-O pipe is an innovative pipe with high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, and fatigue resistance. It is manufactured by special biaxially oriented process using advanced equipments. Through the axial and hoop orientation, the molecules chain is arranged in order to form laminated structure. The perfect toughness enables the TaijiBlue® PVC-O pipe to bear strong impact, sharp notch, and cold temperature. The invention of TaijiBlue® PVC-O pipe is honored as a revolution of plastic pipe industry.