Hebei Construction & Investment Baosu Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd (Baosu®) is a high-tech enterprise in the plastic pipe industry, jointly established by Hebei Construction & Investment Group and industry experts engaged in R&D and production of plastic pipes for many years.
As a national high-tech enterprise and a national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise certified by 1S09001, 1S014001 and 1S045001, in 2016, Baosu® was rated as one of the Top Ten Enterprises in China’s Plastic Pipe Industry by China National Light Industry Council with its outstanding innovation ability.
Baosu® was divided into Water Pipe Division, Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Division and Oil Gas and Heating Pipe Division, mainly serves in the fields of water supply and conveyance, agricultural irrigation, TaijiBlue® PVC-O pipe equipment manufacturing, oil and gas transmission and urban heating etc.
The core team of Baosu® has decades of experience in research and development, production operation and technical services in the field of plastic pipes. They are an excellent team with continuous innovation capability, who had won more than 30 national patents with independent intellectual property rights, and hosted or participated in more than 20 national and industry standards.
Baosu® will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “Making Pipes with Our Honesty’“Developing Scientifically, Driven by Innovation”, taking leading the development of China’s plastic pipe industry as our own responsibility, “Concentrate on manufacturing high-quality pipes, Help the industry manufacture high-quality pipes, Let customers use correctly high-quality pipes”,and work hard to make our contribution for a greener world.

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