In 1989, Baosu team broke through the technical threshold for manufacturing PVC-U pressure pipes with a diameter of 710mm.

In 2006,the tech of PVC-M pipe was manufactured in china by Baosu®  , initially.


In 2011, Baosu® researched and developed high temperature resistant plastic pipes system(HT-PO) used for district heating system and lining repairing system of oil transmission pipes.

In 2012, Baosu® researched and developed crack resistant, multi-layers compound polyethylene pipes system(RC-PO) used for the trenchless piping market .


In 2014, Baosu® researched and developed TaijiBlue® PVC-O Tech and TaijiBlue® PVC-O pipe, gain the premier certification of PVC-O in China.

In 2019, Baosu® supplied six TaijiBlue® PVC-O lines for a big domestic public company.


In 2020, Baosu® begun to produce high pressure RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) pipes for the oil and gas industry.