//  Introduction  //


For meeting liner pipe market demand, our company develops a new type plastic pipe, resistant high temperature polyolefin alloy pipe (HT-PO) for industrial applications. The new type pipe has gained three national patents, with good foreground in many applications.

HT-PO pipe has many advantages, excellent resistant high temperature, resistant stress cracks, resistant erode, with keeping plastic material good welding jointing performance. HT-PO pipe is the best choice for high temperature pipes restored.

HT-PO pipe material not only has polyethylene family excellent resistant creep stress performance and resistant low temperature performance, but also improves common polyethylene enduring high temperature defect. The HT-PO pipe material is a new breakthrough with polyolefin family in high temperature application.


//  Characteristics  //


1.Work temperature wide (-70℃—110℃).

2.Excellent chemistry stability and resistant erode.

3.Resistant abrasion, in the same condition, resistant abrasion performance is steel pipe four times.

4.Easy join, construction time short, no necessary maintain, after restore and working.

5.Restore cost low, about new pipe line 60%.

6.Increase resistant pressure strength of pipe line 20-40%.

7.Liner layer smooth, no deposit, no grow bacteria, reduce friction.

8.Suit for DN100-DN3000 many kinds material pipes.

9.No necessary excavate complete pipeline, may install 1000-1500m a time.

//  Performance and parameters  //


HT-PO pipes according to standard: Q/JTBS001-2011 Resistant high temperature lining polyolefin alloy pipe (HT-PO)







test method



physical property



 ASTM D-792


Vicat softening temperature


 ASTM D-1525


 thermal conductivity(60℃)


 DIN 52612-1


thermal expansivity


 DIN 53752-A(20℃-70℃)



mechanical property

 Tensile yield strength


 ISO 527-2


breaking strength


 ISO 527-2


 Elongation at break


 ISO 527-2


 Modulus of elasticity


 ISO 527-2




HT-PO pipe resistant high temperature property




hoop stress


test  ℃


test time, h













no crack
no leakage


Hydrostatic heat
stable test




no crack
no leakage


//  Application fields  //


  • Oil transport

Transport oil, gas, oil and gas, and sullage pipes in oil field, many years has eroded and holed problems. If host pipe use liner pipe resistant erode and restore procedure, it can reduce investment, construction time short, resistant erode good, long lifetime. HT-PO pipe is the choice for high temperature transport.


  • Municipal gas

Natural gas pipes work pressure higher coal gas pipes, when using exist cast iron pipes (socket and spigot joint) transport natural gas, liner HT-PO pipe may improve pipeline work pressure grade, prevent leakage, meet transport natural gas pressure requirement.


  • Chemistry and electric power

Liner pipe, increase pipeline resistant abrasion performance, no deposit, high transport efficiency, save production cost, extend lifetime.


  • Municipal water supply and sewag

No necessary excavate complete pipeline, liner HT-PO pipe in host pipe, solve second polluting problem for water supply, construction cost only about new pipe line 60%.